September 12th, 2013

Sea dragon

Life is busy

I have been moping since my flatmate left to Australia Saturday. I've also been getting into more of a panic about the money situation. I relisted the room 3 weeks ago and hadn't had a nibble since the initial "Is it ready now?" I contacted people Friday and Saturday and got nothing. So then I listed it on Air B&B Sunday night. Monday and Tuesday I cleaned and cleaned, took new pictures, then lowered the price. Yesterday result: seven contacts. Two came by, one was great (a hippie economist): he moved in last night. WHEW.


So then there's the rest of my to do list. I've got a trip booked from when I had money, and it's still happening ,but there's a lot of details to take care of. I haven't actually made any hotel bookings and I need to work out bus schedules. I'm also supposed to buy tickets to Inverness for Thanksgiving, and I think there's something else I'm supposed to do but I can't remember what. But really, really, I would like to be getting some calls on some interviews, as the money sitch is getting to be bad mentally. I feel trapped and I also really want to be able to send some money to help my sister out as she's currently homeless and with two kids. Come on job fairies, let's see some results!