October 2nd, 2013

Sea dragon

Day 2 of meds reduction

So on Monday the doctor said to go every other day with the anti-anxiety medicine.

Yesterday was a stressful day. So was Monday night. So, actually, was Sunday afternoon.

Only mild spots, though. I felt more anxious today than I did Tuesday so perhaps being off it will be overall better for me - I'm just hoping the urticaria has gone down enough since June that I won't have to worry about another anaphylaxis episode.

I have failed at making a to-do list for a few weeks now and I can tell this will be a hard week to remember to do it. So I am going to try to sketch in what I think I should do this week.

1. Research the shows the London Horror Festival is doing and see about doing a preview interview with someone. Get it on the schedule.
2. Send fee to Tulip Society for this year's membership.
3. Sign up for tap dancing class.
4. Buy tap dance shoes.
5. Find a different day to see Scottsboro Boys (as it conflicts with tap class).
6. Write a blog post on Lovecraft Software blog as thank you for getting a freebie pass to a testing conference in two weeks :-D
7. Get a new phone contract
8. Set up last two sessions with Moo Canoes so I can get my 5 star cert.

And then of course there's "work on the play" and "how about some painting" and "let's weed the garden" and "how about cleaning that living room to perfection." We'll see about that. Running will likely continue and I may get my hair done next week.