October 3rd, 2013

Sea dragon

How about a little HISTAMINE ATTACK, Batman?

I'm doing a bit of research on histamines in the diet today as per eglantinedreams' suggestion (and admittedly also Wendy's some time back). The list of things to cut out is quite depressing, as it includes cheese, tomatoes, and raspberries, but what I'm fascinated by is how the list of histamine-full food matches tremendously the dietary changes I experienced November - January, when this thing was at its worst: I no longer wanted or enjoyed tea, wine, chocolate, or spicy food. ALL of these things are on the list of no-no's. So WOW. Here I was sad because I didn't enjoy any of the foods I loved so much when I was well, but what it looks like is that my body was actually trying to protect itself from the stuff that was wrecking it.

Anyway, so this month is all about getting off of the anxiety meds and seeing how my body responds to that; next step will (unfortunately) have to be a month without histamines (if I'm still struggling to get this shit under control). My thought is to give it a try after Thanksgiving - one month without tea, wine, and cheese can be managed, surely, and of course I'm first in line to give up seafood and eggplant.

Anyway, in other news, it's day 3 of the "get off of the anti-anxiety" meds (sertraline) program, my inner arms feel all burny but I'm not breaking out. Next step is to go for a run - it's anxiety control that does a body good.