October 7th, 2013

Sea dragon

Writing again

Right, I think I need to get back to writing on a daily basis, because now that I'm not working, day after day is going by and I'm having a hard time remembering what I was doing. Last week was especially hard. To be honest, I think I was having a hard time dealing with the reduction in stress reduction medicines, combined with having two double-whammies of stress hit me (Monday and Saturday).

Today I got up around 9:30, spent some time poking around on the internet (email from my sister was really depressing), got in some laundry and got some dishes washed. I got an email from a recruiter about a job that looks really interesting, and she said she'd call me to talk to me about it at one, so I tried to arrange things so I'd be ready for the call - I took a run around noon so I'd have time for a brief shower before 1PM.

And then - nothing. I gave up around 1:30, ate a bit, then got dressed and ready to go to the coffee with another recruiter I'd set up last week. Then SHE called and cancelled - she was sick and was being sent home, there I was wearing my suit and made up and nearly out the door. Bah. I sat down with the cup of tea I'd just poured into a travel cup and some cookie dough, sulked a bit, then called the other recruiter. I liked the look of the job she'd sent me plenty - "The QA lead will head up the QA team and work across all projects and clients to define, evangelise and implement the test strategy." Ooh, I do like that. But do they actually want someone who does automation and does hands on testing? I can't really tell. Maybe they don't want me. But they're willing to pay as much as I was just making, and if they're going to do that, yeah, sure, I can be hands on. It's just a waste of my talents, but whatever.

Anyway, so then I had my afternoon to kill while I was waiting to see my evening show at the Almeida. I used my time to get a new phone and contract with Vodafone. My current phone is dying and it's four years old; I'm due a new one and I am having a really hard time looking for jobs given that my Virgin contract didn't seem to come with voicemail. I hate picking phones, though, because I'm technology phobic. I just want the same old thing that worked. I don't want something new. But they don't make it anymore. Boo.

What I was intending on doing was writing up some reviews: I saw two puppet shows and a play this weekend, and I'm due to review them all. But it didn't happen before it was time for me to leave to go to the Almeida. However, I made it to the play on time, really enjoyed Ghosts (amazing how a different translation and cutting the interval made this sing along compared to the version I saw three or so years ago), and treated myself to a scoop of amazing ice cream from this new shop (called "Udderlicious" or somethign like that) on my way to the tube, because nothing goes with assisted suicide like a good cup of banana fudge icecream. ALl that and I was home by ten - God, I do love me a short play.

This week I now need to write up an updated post or two for the HP Lovecraft Institute of Software Development - I've been promised a free place at a conference in exchange for a post promoting said conference on my blog - and four play reviews. With luck I'll get to see another play or two this week AND get in a day of kayaking and my first tap dance class Thursday night. And then I get an Arwen this weekend! And with more luck I'll be off the Sertraline in about 12 more days. I can't wait. And then maybe I'll get a job and make some money and be able to do something real to help my sister out, because she needs a LOT of help right now. That would be a really good thing.