October 8th, 2013

Sea dragon

Dreams and down

Dreamed last night that Richard and I were on vacation in America, Seattle specifically. Everything had got built up even more. I think eventually he ran off and left me at an art gallery.

Slept way too long today in part because I was up too late last night. It was a beautiful morning, though, and I wanted to go kayaking. I got things sorted to go out with Moo Canoes for tomorrow, but not today, and as it was creeping toward noon I thought I'd try to get my registration in for the tap dancing class I've been planning on taking.

Aaaand ... I waited too long. I admit, it was my fault, I was worried that my surgery was going to be a conflict, that I might not be capable of doing the class, but I could have tried to register for it last week when surgery was cancelled. But I didn't.

This, it turns out, has bummed me out for the whole day. I really wanted to do the class. I wanted to have something to look forward to. I wanted to get better at something. And now I don't have it. I don't know, the Gay Gordons dance on Thurday, maybe I can start going to that again - it would cost me a lot less and I wouldn't have to buy special shoes. *sigh*

Anyway, so ... I called J and set up to go running with him when he got home from work, then walked to the high street to pick up some lamb for dinner and get some nice cheap curry for lunch. Then I got a pedicure to try to cheer myself up. I was done around 4:30, then went home, and kind of fell asleep. When I got up, I did a review of a show I saw Saturday, then got some ultra cheap tickets for J and I go to see the new Tori Amos written musical at the National.

Then J came home, and we went for a run, and he made risotto and I grilled the lamb. We had dinner with our roommate then taught him how to play Punto. And that was the day that was.