November 1st, 2013

Sea dragon

Pirate booty

Yesterday was a GREAT day and a pretty fun Halloween to boot.

I left the house at 1PM, dressed like a pirate. I was going to a matinee of We Will Rock You (the musical using the music of Queen, notoriously cheesy, I only went because it was free), and figured no one there would care. In fact, they were enthusiastic about my costume, which was good. :-)

And I was in a GREAT mood. In retrospect, it wasn't because I was dressed like a pirate: it's because I finally have an interview, the first I've had in five months, on Monday. Thank crunchy, things have been getting really tight.

After I went to the Mariages Frères boutique at Selfridges for some appropriate booty: tea! This led to me cracking up the friend I was with as I had a VERY upscale conversation about 1st vs 2nd flush Darjeeling with a very knowledgeable French sales clerk ... all while dressed as a pirate. He didn't even seem to notice. But I've got my presents for Katriona and for Brendan so all is well.

Anyway: country house party tomorrow, all male HMS Pinafore tonight. Much writing to do!