November 5th, 2013

Sea dragon

Reviews: Around the World (in 80 Days) and The Fantasist

I had a VERY busy week last week but I finally got around to writing up Around the World, a musical written in the 40s by Cole Porter and Orson Wells. It was actually very funny with the kind of witty tunes you expect from Porter, but also as racist as ... I don't know, where do you start? Glad I saw it, though.

I also wrote up the 2nd set of shows I saw as a proper reviewer (and not just a fan girl with a pencil), The Fantasist, a show from the Suspense Festival of adult puppetry. It was about manic depression and I found it very moving. Pity I wasn't able to get marcus_morgan to come to any of them with me, the festival was pretty cool even if I only made it to two performances.

I also saw We Will Rock You but haven't written it up. I'm saving it for next week; unlike some shows, it'll still be running in a few years - I feel confident - no matter how little it deserves it.

We spent the weekend at a house party in the country that was supposed to be quite decadent, but because everyone appears to have run off to Whitby, it was incredibly underattended and we were started at by bored townies who's been invited along to round out the numbers.

I had an interview today; will get the results on Wednesday, which will only be "you've made it to the second round." The woman has doubts about me being appropriate for this role, which is quite a bit under what I was just doing. All I can say is, give me the money, damnit, and leave it to me to make the job interesting.