November 16th, 2013


Do dreams roll backwards underneath the equator?

Have been having some really wild dreams since I've been away. One was straight out of War of the Worlds, with spindly legged alien craft opening up apartment buildings boats etc like tin cans and killing everyone inside. Resistance was futile.
Adopt one today!
A more interesting and perhaps symbolic one: I found a baby cockatoo and its dead mother. I ran around to find a vet who would inject it with some fluids so it wouldn't die (as it was very dehydrated), but when I got it back it had become a baby ... baby, but covered with feathers and cockatoo sized. Very, very odd. I have been seeing a LOT of cockatoos here, pretty much every day. It's just as cool as cool can be in my book.
Adopt one today!
Also, I caught an Autumn dragon egg in the cave today while I was playing Carcasonne with Katy. I am pleased as punch. Also, apparently I created a Carcasonne monster, as she now plays like a vicious demon. Which means it was a GREAT present.

My surgery has been moved again, to January. If I get the job, I'm going to move the surgery - the new date is so close to NY that I would feel guilty taking that much time off of work right at the start of a new gig. I know, a bit counting chickens, but I'm feeling pretty good about this one.