November 25th, 2013

Sea dragon

To do this week

1. Call government and tell them I have a new job. DONE
2. Fill out passport application. DONE
3. Register interest in housing in Battersea SORTA DONE
4. Finish unpacking Wollongong clothes and find room for the damned towels. NOT DONE
5. Pack for Inverness NOT DONE
6. Write up We Will Rock You DONE and National Youth Theater's Romeo and Juliet NOT DONE, possibly Michael Clark Co AIN'T HAPPENING
7. See about getting refills for all meds NOT DONE
8. Get hair re-colored! DONE priorities innit
9. Get a massage!
10. Tell Josh I didn't manage to find a table for Thanksgiving DONE
11. Pack for Inverness NOT DONE BETWEEN NUMBER 5 AND NOW
12. Plant fall bulbs BULBS STILL NOT HERE BOO

I know there's more ...