December 29th, 2013

Sea dragon

A few final holiday shows

J and I are back from Inverness, where we saw Sleeping Beauty - I should really write it up - and are now deep in the mid-holiday theater onslaught. We had Messiah at Temple Church on the Friday ending our work week - really pretty place, nice concert, but we screwed up where to sit for the restricted view seats. Then Boxing Day we managed to see English National Ballet's Nutcracker for 10 quid - hurray for Twitter deals! - and coming Monday is Jewels at the Royal Opera House followed by a road trip to Leicester for Chicago (David Leonard is Billy Flynn, marcusmorgan) - I'm looking forward to it.
Adopt one today!
The holiday is passing by quickly. I've had a lot of time to think about last year and what I want to make of this year. And I've been eating nice food and sleeping in and taking lots of walks and playing games, games, games.
Adopt one today!
Oh yes, but about the shows: as near as I can tell, for gut-busting fun, the best option is Peter Pan Goes Wrong, currently on at the Pleasance theater in North London. Highly recommended for people who enjoy farce. If you want a "straight" panto, I'd recommend Puss in Boots at the Greenwich Theater - something about people having such a good time on stage just makes it so much more fun to be watching it. It really blew The Hackney Empire's Puss out of the water. And if you want to read about a roundtable on whether or not panto is dead, I've got a writeup here</i>, soon to be followed with a review of Paying for the Pinter with the Panto (I was given a review copy after this talk).

Not Christmassy but certainly wintery is
The Last March at the Southwark Playhouse - how they managed to make a play about a bunch of guys dying in Antarctica funny is beyond me, but still, there I was, laughing, so it happened.

And in the unimaginative yet probably still popular category we have the Christmas Carol musical (the second!) currently on at the Charing Cross Theater, which fortunately I didn't have to pay to see.

Christ, I've been slacking, not a review written in at least five days! A relief for all of you, eh? All of those days free and so little time on the computer. I'd feel guilty if I cared more.