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Painting Venice

Today we're going to do an underpainting - a drawing - of a Venice scene in Canaletto's style but from a modern photograph. Canvas is prepared with peach acrylic. Very thin pure raw umber on the brush to paint the roofline and basic building outlines. "Don't worry if you miss something out, Canaletto did it all the time." Ultramarine blue, raw umber, ochre, burnt sienna, ultramarine violet with turpentine only.
Modern photo of Venice's Grand Canal

Do the most important building first. Once architecture is defined, paint in shadows. Generalize the tones. Use the to define different buildings. can get a dark dark with blue and brown. We're going for many different colors this time but remember this is the time to get on your darkest colors.(I really, realy struggled to do even the basic rooftop.)
half an hour of work

Then add windows. Nearly all of the shapes are triangles and rectangles, only the bridge for curves.
more than an hour later
Final note: DON'T PANIC it's only paint and you can wipe.

(Note: I panicked anyway. There was just too much detail and I didn't know what to do.)
It sucks that I'm stuck with this for next week. On the other hand, it does look like Venice.

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