February 6th, 2014

Sea dragon

Busy week

The Tube strike has made this week interesting in bad ways, as in doubling the amount of time it took me to get home yesterday, and making me unwilling to have a drink after the show I saw tonight lest I be trapped again. And I'm really tired. I think trying to keep things quiet (by my standards) and keep the amount of change in my life minimized is probably a good thing for me right now: work is keeping my brain very full and taxing my immune system. I'm convinced I spent most of last weekend in bed because of it; but I am still managing to exercise regularly, which I think is doing very good things for helping me manage stress. Still, I went and got my hair colored today as a (rather expensive) pick me up; I can reduce stress through exercise but it's not actually enough to make me happy. That said, not depressed and not sick are really good enough for me these days.