February 9th, 2014

Sea dragon


163/93, poor! But the doctor lost the readings from the other machine so we are having to do it all over again.

We spent today playing boardgames and eating chile, which was really relaxing and nice. Last night was a big party with a load of people we hadn't seen in ages - felt almost like a coming out party after a year of being ill. We'll see if we have broken the ice and people start seeing us as being ready to socialize again.

I've got a pile of reviews to write - last week was very busy with shows and work is keeping me too busy to so them on the clock (although I did skip my lunch to write one). I could have done some yesterday but instead we went to see the Pop Art exhibit at the Barbican - first time I've been to an art gallery in ages. About half of it was good but nearly the entire upper floor was pretty forgettable. Perhaps they curate it that way, with the good stuff in the areas most people are likely to visit and the errata on the second floor. We have some other exhibits we're hoping to visit soon - one of them James Turrell - so maybe this can be the start of a plan for a Saturday or two a month.

That said ... it's time to write.