February 10th, 2014


Dance your way to wellness

148/116? Clearly tap dancing is bad for my health!

Had a terrible night of dancing, just couldn't follow any of the moves. My head was full of spreadsheets and the patterns the instructor was making failed to cohere in my head. Something landing on the heel, some kind of twirl. Sailor guestures. Just nothing. I considered just walking out thirty minutes in, but stayed until the end - well, almost. I thought it was the end and then she said, "Okay, one more time!" and I thought, "Yep, I'm standing here next to my stuff, I'm leaving." So I left.

I also did Pilates for the first time in ages today and couldn't really keep up but wasn't as bothered. Now I'm going to have a nice glass of ribera del duero and call this fucking day done. I am so done. I am done and over it and I want to go to sleep early.