December 6th, 2014

Sea dragon

Reviews: all of the pantos; God Bless the Child; Assassins; Here Lies Love

It's been a generally excellent autumn for theater in London. The National has an extremely enjoyable new musical, Here Lies Love, which seems like it could be dull (Story of Imelda Marcos) but is actually a great time. A somewhat distant theater has put on a play that's a live-action Cthulu RPG; I found it an excellent modern day horror play. More frightening was Assassins at the Menier, which is the best show on right now and gothy as fuck. Chilling and comic was God Bless the Child, which posits a state trying to basically teach children to sit down, shut up, and feel good about themselves - and one child realizing what is being done to them.

And then you have the pantos, which are on full blast right now. Surprising excellence was on tap at the Rosemary Branch theater, where their comic western Billy the Kid put Aladdin in the Old West, but with really excellent singing and so many saucy jokes I thought it was adults only. Listed as adults only but in no ways as entertaining was Treasure Island: Curse of the Pearl Necklace: let down both by the actors and the writing team, I think. None of that at the Prince of Wales pub, where A Lad in Tights was rude, crude, and absolutely hilarious. This is the one I'll try to see again.

Stay tuned for next week, when I see THREE MORE PANTOS in a row. The horror!