January 1st, 2015

Sea dragon

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I spent today doing a beach crawl (so I call it) with my friend Katie. We visited (and swam at) four different beaches between about 1 and 5 PM today. We probably didn't stay in the water for more than 10 or 15 minutes at any place, as there was quite a lot of walking to do, but it was really great and I like to think I've set a record I'll have a hard time beating. Beating these kinds of records, where the thing you are doing is intrinsically fun, is actually a very good time.

Meanwhile I'm getting ready for my trip to Thailand. This will be totally on my own, a not entirely new but still scary experience. I'm ticking off my to do list tonight: check weight limit; set up airport transfer; get application to be a writer in residence for a theater festival done (check!). Hopefully all will go well, especially the bit where I'm going to Angkor Wat. Really, the life list is getting checked off at a tremendous rate this week.