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Review: Paper Cinema "Odyssey," live theater "Singing in the Rain."

It's been a heavy theater week for me - three shows so far, two more to go and a possible matinee on Saturday. I may or may not get around to writing up the ballet I saw Wednesday night, but I was in a big rush to do a review of the "live animation" version of The Odyssey I saw at the Battersea Arts Center on Monday - it was so great I just had to make sure that if there was anyone I knew who might want to go that I let them know as soon as possible how awesome it was so they could get themselves tickets.

Similarly, I did a very quick writeup of Singing in the Rain - because it was so disappointing. Ah well. If only they'd gone for really remaking it instead of just trying to recreate the cinematic experience on stage, it might have been a better night.

Amusingly, the second show was more than double the first, but I got four times the pleasure out of the Odyssey that I got out of Singing in the Rain - or I would have if you could multiply zero and actually get a number. Ah well. I had to do it, you know?
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