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Back from a very long walk

Our expedition to downtown Seattle was very pleasant - some three and a half hours of walking during dry and mostly sunny weather, from our house there and back. I returned with three bags from the tea shop, two bars of goat's milk soap, and a pound box of chocolates from See's that I bought with a gift certificate. Unfortunately there were no half price tickets to be had for the Stephen Petronio company, so we won't be going tonight, but I did get a DVD of The Young Girls of Rochefort from the library, so we're covered for entertainment tonight. I also picked up some lingerie at the Bon, which was all in all the worst part of the day. The whole idea started because I was very intrigued by the shots of the super cute undies on the back of the A-section of the Sunday paper today, and I thought, hey, why not get some of these for myself (since I didn't get any for Valentine's day)? Well, I was most fortunately convinced to try them on before I had them all rung up and dropped in a paper sack to take home with me, and I was shocked to discover that "large" is apparently not as large as I am. Example: a charming pair of black lace over pink filmy stuff with little cut-out "pleats." On the hangar: adorable. On me: the lace collapsed into some kind of hair-band like strap across my hips, and the pink gauze gasped for air, all of its pleatiness completely obliterated. Fie.

As pair after pair were pulled on and rejected, I tried to come up with some positive "takeaways" for this humiliating exercise, and this is my list. 1) Look at all the money I saved! 2) Who wants underwear that requires a minimum 50% wax job to look right? (Seriously, the top of these things was about one inch above the bottom of my thing.) 3) Good thing I didn't get any of these for Valentines day - I'd just be going through this process twice. 4) What's the purpose of a camisole that's so tight (again, even though it's a large) that it's practically cutting off your circulation? I'd never be able to sleep in it anyway - I'd just reach for a tank top and sleep in that and a pair of undies. And that's what I wound up buying - a tank top with my initial T embroidered on it, and a single pair of underwear.

As a final gripe: what's up with all of the crap construction for the bras and camisoles? They had a bunch of interesting styles, but absolutely none of them were designed for anything other than fun wear. A well-constructed top is something I could actually get some milage out of - I might wear it out to a club or something, but none of the things I saw looked at all useful. The salesgirl called the area where the camisoles and such were being sold "fantasy land" - an amusing accompaniment to "panty land," where all my battles were fought and lost today.

I guess it's been a good weekend, but now it's typical wind-down activities - dishes, laundry, all the things I didn't get done over the weekend. Maybe we can squeeze in a game of Carcasonne before it's all over and it's time to get started with what will be a very busy work week. shadowdaddy has tomorrow off, though, lucky guy ... wonder what he'll be up to, other than laughing at me as he drops me off at the bus stop, only to go back home?

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