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Bingo review and weekend with A

Had a very nice weekend with lots of art. Friday night was bad flamenco (Rafael Amargo, my review here) with Amy, who invited me to return with her to Islington next Saturday for the Ceilidh Liberation army (I shall). Then Saturday I made a quick trip to lolliepopp's to get some books (thank you) prior to eglantinedreams arrival. We had a late lunch, discussed Myriad Things, then headed to the Young Vic to see Patrick Stewart in Bingo (click for my review). I found the play frustrating, too modern in its sensibilities to draw me in and to slight in its plot to make me care.

But a weekend with eglantinedreams is a win all on its own, although I was frustrated that I felt I had to rush through it, but what with needing to find a new roommate again, I had to clean and show the flat Sunday AM when we should have been slouching around. Ah well. I did manage French toast before we left to see the all-male "Patience" at the Union Theater (no review yet), which was total genius and will probably be one of my favorite shows of the year. Then I snuck off to Shoreditch to see a promenade-y performance of the first scene of the Tempest. I have to get it written up but basically this place is doing the play in 6 parts in a pop-up theater and it was pretty cool - plus I thumb wrestled Trinculo and won a glass of wine. Then it was up to Walthamstowe to see dreamsewing.

Anyway, it was a busy weekend! Will post rest of reviews as I write them

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