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Review, Rock of Ages; Sunday a wreck

So yesterday was NOT a repeat of the day before, when I was in a surprisingly good mood. No, yesterday I pushed myself too hard, talked about stuff I shouldn't have, wound up crying walking across Tooting Common and came home so disoriented from overexertion that I forgot I'd just put some soup on the fridge and looked for it for rather a while. Then I fell asleep for two hours. Moral of the story: do not try to go for a walk when you are sick even if it is really, really nice out.

I had a really, really quiet day after that and wound up staying up just a little bit to write up my Rock of Ages review. I found the show a fun trip down memory lane - I was surprised that LA of the late 80s was such a hive of nostalgia for me. And oddly, after hating all of the hair metal music when it was happening, I've developed a soft spot for it as it now reminds me of a pleasant time in my life. The fuzzy glasses of retrospection, eh? I know it was really a stressful time to live through, what with ... college, my mother and I having a complete end to our relationship, poverty, loneliness ... but going to LA was always exciting and this play brought it all back to me. I'd say 3 1/2 stars with a half star added for positive depiction of gay people, and another half star for use of Pat Benatar (I'd say in a non-ironic way but it's all ironic in my book).
Tags: another sunday pissed away, reviews
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