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Fer fuck's sake

One of the things that upsets me most is social shunning, and I see the person whom I asked to leave my party when he was a raging rude drunk is choosing to be self-righteous about it. This means I'm disinvited from the dinner party we were all going to next Wednesday. I probably could go, but sitting there in stoney silence for two hours doesn't sound like much of a party and I hate drama so much I just asked the hostess if it would be best if I didn't attend. And, well, she said she'd find a fourth, so I am going to go to some kind of chocolate tasting evening that night instead.

Now the person in question says (via the hostess) he wants to talk to me about this "at some point in time" but I just don't feel like dealing with it. If he were actually going to apologize, I expect he'd do it in time for us to all hang out together next week. By the time he feels like doing it, well, I expect I'll not be in the mood for a lecture about how bad it was for me to ask his husband to take his drunk self home, which I expect is what he wants to give me. And I don't really feel like lecturing him about how out of control and not funny he was, or giving him advice about getting his drinking problem under control. In fact, he's being such a drama queen about the whole thing it just makes me want to turn my back and walk away - if he was so happy to discard me, I basically don't see him as someone who was ever a very good friend at all.

Why why is it that when people act like assholes and you do something that makes it obvious to them they are not acting well, that suddenly YOU'RE the problem?

My generally good mood is being deflated by this drama. I hate drama. I hate people who make big declarations of how WE'RE NOT FRIENDZ ANYMORE. Does this stop at some point? I bet it even happens in nursing homes, old ladies pointedly ignoring each other as they're wheeled up to the dinner table for slights that occurred at the bridge table back when they were still able to do math.

Tags: drama, friendship, relationships
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