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Give me all the music

If you're not on Twitter, you're missing most of what I have to say these days (remember when I posted seven or ten times a day? Ah how life has changed) and probably don't know I'm in the middle of enjoying the Lufthansa festival of the Baroque. It's a two week series of performances that mostly takes place at St John's Smith Square ... except for the one choral concert they do at Westminster Abbey. That was last night, and the music was two motets (Bach and Handel) and Handel's "Ode for St Cecilia's Day."

Unusually, I found the English words of the ode very pleasant - possibly because they were by Dryden rather than some hack lyricist. Here's the ending, which gave me goosebumps:

"So when the last and dreadful hour
This crumbling pageant shall devour
The trumpet shall be heard on high
The dead shall live, the living die,
And Music shall untune the sky."

Pretty good, huh? Even better with big old Gothic pillars rising into the sky next to you. I was there with my roommate and we had seats facing the chorus ... really, a highlight of the musical year for me.

The soprano who sang it, Sophie Daneman, was great and is supposed to be performing in Lully's "Atys" with Les Arts Florissants later this year, so I'll be looking to hear her again. As for me and my roommate, well, looks like we'll be heading to York this Christmas for the Early Music Festival. Hurray! As for this festival, there are four more concerts schedules, two for tonight (Friday) and two for Saturday - I'll be seeing Saturday's organ concert then heading out to booklectic's to see the Eurovision finals. Gotta mix it up with the high and low culture, you know.
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