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Attempting to kick the habit for a few days

Just left a Test Area Review my boss was holding for an area she's working on for our next release ... a tiny, tiny area. I don't know if it was talking about the trial (next week, possibly the same day as my Test Area Review) and how I get to see The Crazy Lady again, or if it was looking over the billyuns of test cases she had for her Teeny Tiny Feature, but I started feeling stressed out and left the room to go work on my own test plan. Then the guy who's working on the same feature from a different team sent out an email saying he was cancelling his TAR for today because, um, the developers are too busy to come (implied: and I damn well need the time to write test cases). So I'm feeling just a little sweaty and like I really REALLY need to work like a MoFo for the next few days. This despite the fact that spikeylady was kind enough to add me to her friends list and COMPLETELY distracted me with all of her friends only posts. Oh my, so very not work safe.

Anyway, before I disappear into my headphones and Otto's Baroque Musick, I wanted to say that we're hoping to go see 1984 at the Empty Space Theater this Friday. Let me know if you're interested!

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