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A happy birthday for me & Crow review

I did something very unusual for my birthday - I went to a test conference. There was a woman speaking there, Fiona Charles, who has a management style I really respect. I consider her single-handedly responsible for the non-failure of my regime at Il Postino, thanks to some timely advice on remembering to not make enemies of people by inadvertently embarrassing them during meetings. I became much more careful about informing people in advance when I had bad news about their projects, which gave them time to develop "an action plan" they could report on after my news. I'd say they never worked, but at least they saved face, and that was the important thing ... for them.

While I was at the conference, I saw that my review of the horrible catastrophe that is Handspring Puppet Theater's production of Crow (based on Ted Hughes' poems) had been the equivalent of Slash Dot-ed. I was horrified to see the quote they chose to highlight but, well, the extra traffic was great. Of course later on I got some thing saying HOW DARE YOU WRITE ABOUT A SHOW IN PREVIEWS but as I saw it a mere two days before opening night I'm not really bothered. Problems that could be fixed: missed lighting cue, actors coming back for a second bow when the audience was already scuttling out of the building. Problems that couldn't be fixed: bad modern dance causing me to want to scratch my eyes out 30 minutes into the performance.

After the conference, I met up with lolliepoppster for birthday drinks (and dinner) at Lupita, then progressed across the Thames to the Southbank, where we met the rest of my birthday conspirators (all women!) for a night at Cantina, the cabaret act that's taking place in a pretty tent at the foot of the Jubilee bridge. Two bottles of wine, high heeled tightrope walking, full frontal male nudity, and 70 minutes later, I felt fully cleansed of the badness of Crow and enlivened by the opportunity to have so many of my good friends surrounding me. You know how they say "start as you wish to go on" for the New Year - well, the solstice is the start of my year, and this is how I want it to go on, with people I like making friends with each other, laughing, and sharing time with me. If only varina8 could have been there. It was a great night.

Homeward bound with my roommate and SHIVERING in my sleeveless dress, I thought, "Welcome to summer indeed!" Ah well, it's not like I didn't have to deal with the same thing in Seattle, only now I had a new pink paisley umbrella courtesy of dreamsewingmiko and a handknit capelet from Amy to keep off the cold. Happy chilly birthday to me!
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