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Ah, London, a city so big it can have three different theater companies doing Henry V at the same time. Or perhaps it's just a city so provincial it stays stuck in the comfortable instead of exploring the new. Anyway, it's the play to do this summer, and I'm hitting two of them. Last night I saw Theater Delicatessen's version, which I give a 5 for sets and a reduction for boring me; let's call it 3 1/2. Next up: Propeller, in July, with Amy - provided she's not moving that night. We'll see.

I spent the weekend being totally indulgent (it was my birthday weekend after all) and went to Glasgow to see Alan Cumming in a one-man Macbeth with my friend noirem. I give Alan about four stars but that's an extra half for effort and another half because he was really hot. But I didn't give it a standing ovation. Weekend with noirem: great, and I'm sorry I didn't spend more time with her.

However this week has overall been quite blue for me. Work has been unpleasant (I'll do a locked post about this this weekend) and for this reason I took myself to see a comedy on Monday night. I wasn't happy about having no one to go out with me; and the opera I'd booked tickets to see was, well, possibly intellectually engaging but it just wasn't able to ... I don't know, make me feel motivated to go out at all. But the comedy, Noises Off, did, and well, it was pretty damned funny when it came right down to it. While I'll probably never have a chance to see Il Trionfo de Clelia on stage again, it just wasn't the right thing for me to go to this past Monday.

Man. Work. Being the goat. Wondering if I chose the wrong place to go to. On the other hand, I got a bonus check from my old job that makes not taking those last two weeks of vacation totally worthwhile.

Hope you all have great Fridays, and I must now go to bed.



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