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Surprise kayaking surprise

Today we were at the beach at 8 for our kayaking. Breakfast was inadequate, bread and jam and coffee, nothing with protein. It's supposed to be the long day today, but bad as overcast, some rain and wind in the forecast.


Surprisingly it wasn't me but the guy in the back of the boat who gave out. First he said he was cold then he said he was just beat ("stinko" or something like that). We had nearly 2-2 1/2 hours left and it was just more than he could manage. Luckily there was a boat in the next bay (still almost an hour away); he hitched a ride with them, then Eugenio (the guide) got in my double, tied his boat to mine, and off we went for an hour's hard paddling back in. It was cliff faces, current/waves, and general Effort. I didn't know how to handle the tow (worries about getting smashed into the rocks) but I knew E knew what he was doing so I just kept a steady pace. Just after we crossed into the bay, we saw one of the women (Sylvana) who'd had dinner with us the other night sunning herself on the dock. I got a big "brava" from her for sticking it out when Stefano bailed. She's planning on going next week: I expect she feels confident now that she can do it!


Now I'm sat at the restaurant attached to the hotel R and I stayed at 2 Easters back, eating some verdure grigliate and wondering 1) will Stefano finish the tour of the island and 2) will he bail on the rest of the trip?


Bonus: we kayaked through a long volcanic cave that was like the MOTHERFUCKING PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN.

Tags: kayaking, sicily, vulcano
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