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day 3: Stromboli

Spent Tuesday on Stromboli with Stefano. We got in at 11, nice and early, but the mood (of skipping school for a day) was brought down by the rather shitty attitude of the room guy (he was lead waiter at a restaurant and giving us a key was below him). No they didn't have beach towels or a second key *sniff*


Then, well, everything was expensive. We wound up on the beach with a single chair and umbrella at €12 (kept me from burning for not much more than buying a beach towel but still extortionate). The water was clear and a delicious temperature but I was stung by a jellyfish and even though I went back in twice my nerve was broken - with my goggles on I could see how many there were and even though the initial pain (like a mild electic shock) was tolerable, I just didn't feel like getting any more - it seemed inevitable. So I sat and read "Dead Man's Boots" and Stefano swam (he had a mask). Cool moment: getting showered with ash from the volcano behind us. Also: creepy.


After a while I got cold & headed back to shower. S returned & decided to climb Stromboli; I didn't have the shoes or the stamina. This meant I was on my own for the next 7 hours and things didn't go well; the worst was that I missed the 7.30 boat tour (to see Stromboli exploding in the dark) because the booth had mis-posted the time at 8 and I hadn't left the keys at the hotel (as I could have made the 7.30 otherwise). So I ate dinner in a rush for the 8PM tour for nothing.


We caought the 7:20 ferry this morning and are now back in Vulcano: a morning's kayaking awaits before the storm hits.

Tags: kayaking, sicily
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