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Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

Last full day in Vulcano

Oh, what a day!


Good: got to geek out at the Vulcano vulcanology museum; pistachio cream filled cake roll; swimming in bathtub warm black beach; fireworks at midnight.
Bad: went to Lipari especially to see "history of Aeolian islands" part of museum, found out after buying ticket it was closed due to staff shortages; waiting for an hour to never be picked up for the "last night/first night" barbeque at the kayak base.


Item the last really pissed me off, especially as E never called to ask where I was then texted me to say I could walk to the base and they'd see me in 20 minutes. I huffed off because I didn't want to walk there in the pitch black and then wait for 2 hours to eat, so I walked to another restaurant which turned out to be overpriced and have exactly 2 non-fish based items on its menu.


Then E parked his van in front of my restaurant to go to the deli next door; I ran out to ask him what happened. He said he called me until his phone ran out of money, but also that there was only a bbq for him and his girlfriend but could I please come? I said no, I had to chat with Sylvana about visiting her in Ethiopia. So we made up, he dropped me back at the Eden Resort, then for 3 hours Sylvana fed me breadsticks wrapped in prosciutto while we drank wine and I scandalized her with tales about my life in London. She's also getting divorced after a very long marriage so she feels my pain. If my nephew won't take me up on my offer of a trip to Europe to celebrate his graduation, I'm off to Addis Abbaba like a shot next spring.

Tags: sicily, vulcano
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