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Work/life: are you in balance? Reviews: Scenes from an Execution and Kanjoos ("The Miser")

Yesterday was an utterly miserable day at work: I saw four incidents of people being abusive to each other and it really made me feel uncomfortable. What is up with all of the dick slinging and finger pointing? Why don't these people act like professionals? I feel like I'm playing by an entirely different rule book, one where calling people lazy in front of their subordinates and getting into territorial disputes during much attended weekend is not standard or even acceptable. This led to a mini-chocolate binge at about 2 PM - it was really just horrifying.

Afterwards I went to a wine tasting with parsingphase at Notes Covent Garden (just across from the opera house). It was an ideal counterbalance. By 9PM I was in a completely different mood and eager to take my new friends home with me so we could keep partying at my place. Woo hoo!

I did manage, once I get home, to finish up my review of Tara Theater's Bollywood restyling of The Miser, a.k.a. Kanjoos. It was amazing how they could take this story, set it in India, and make it totally work; it didn't hurt that the cast was really talented and the script extra-witty (with all sorts of South Asian humor that was 95% understandable). And what a deal at 15 quid! Highly recommended.

Not recommended at all is Scenes from an Execution at the National. I questioned whether or not I should write up the evening at all given that they changed their mind about it even being a preview ("more of a final dress") and I walked out after intermission. However, I'm now glad I did, as I've been linked to from the Guardian and my site stats are going through the roof. I've even been accused of inspiring an entire post from the Guardian's theater critic, but, as I'm not the only one would walked out, I can't really take credit for you. Life is short, and you're not obliged to sit through a bad show, when you could be using that time to get home/write/do nothing. I say they should be grateful we don't carry oranges and tomatoes to the theater anymore, because BOY they would have been flying. Well, maybe not at this show, but certainly at the disastrous Troilus and Cressida that recently clogged the stage of the Riverside.

Anyway - work life balance seems good, especially given that after the lame lame week I just had at work I went off and had a weekend so awesome I didn't even have time to write about it. Blogging, my heart is not in you.
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