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Thinking about my garden

It's time for the annual meeting of the Wakefield and North of Yorkshire florist's society. I'm excited. It's this Saturday. In years gone by I might have tried to do this in conjunction with a visit to lovelybug's but times have changed and this is just a day trip this year. I expect I'll spend a wodge of money on tulips and god knows what else (home made jam, for instance). The pity is I wasn't more organized as I should have had an article about the Hortus Bulborum in the biannual newsletter. Perhaps next spring.

Meanwhile my head is in planning my garden mode and I've been looking at new websites as well as the reliable old (note that is a picture of a genuine broken tulip, illegal to sell or grow in Holland!). Looking up tulips I found this lovely website with lots of original tulip art. Nice!

In other news I used my lunch break today to go to an Italian wine show behind Westminster Abbey. We'll see how the rest of the afternoon goes. At a minimum I should probably avoid typing based on how long it took me to get these last few sentences out. On the other hand, Benanti Wines! And Cantine Russo who did the delicious Etna Rosso Rampanta I got in the Catania airport! Ah, heaven ... it's a bottle of Mot Pit Metodo Classico Spumante Brut Rose (Nerello Mascalese) from Cantine Russo, nice and cold. Somebody buy me one to celebrate my citizenship with (in January).


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Oct. 4th, 2012 07:22 am (UTC)
The disease that makes the color break is highly contagious and ruins the health of the bulb. It looks pretty but you have to keep a bulb with it separated from other bulbs if you're trying to farm bulbs - well, actually, as it spreads by aphids it's considered unsafe to have any of these at all and they're pretty much only grown in Englands as far as I know! Bulbs with it are burnt.
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