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Wine tasting: Hidden treasures of Spain

I went to another wine tasting last night and took notes ... if you drink wine, you may enjoy reading this.

Spain: think of rioja, cava, and sherry - but many, many other wines are made there. Starting with Mariona Alicante (artiga 2011, white) from Alicante. Very light ,fruity, not sweet, like apricots. Dry and meant to be drunk young. "Climbs out of the glass to meet you."

Too dry: "dreimann wein," takes three people to hold you down to drink it because it's so acidic.

Gravonia white riojas, aged in oak, deliberately toasty (oxidized, "frutas secas"), about 10, also Catalania from Murieta. Placet from Palacios also good.

Herencia Altes (the Altes family) Benufet garnacha (spelled "garnatxa") blanca 2011, "Terra alte, Spain" - near Taragona (Priorat, expensive and small, surrounded by a cheaper but nice place), Med climate but with cold winters. Minerally, a grown up flavor, not my thing. Composed, austere. Good with food.

Wine details

Bobal ("bull") red wine, Clos Lojen, 2010 Bodegas Ponce, from Manchuela. Because it's young it has a stink , loss of oxygen/exposure to air for first time. A common, rough wine, "rustic." Keeps its acidity.

12 Volts wine ( 20% callet grapes, oaked) from 4 Kilos winery 2010, Vino de la Tierra, Mallorca. Yummy! More tannic/vanilla-y. Snuck myself a little extra.

12 Volts wine

Now on our last wine, El Bon Homme (a 2011 monastrel) by Rafael Cambra, from Valencia, blended with cab. Thin body, floral, but again not my thing. May gain with age but not much. Only barely oaked.

Recommended: nebbiola and burgundy.

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