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What is the secret recipe of happiness?

I'm trying to figure out the secret recipe of happiness. Thing is, it kind of seems to depend on what kind of oven you use - some times it comes out right, some times it doesn't.

This weekend: Friday, trip to War Horse (magnificent) with my friend Simone, who was so late for dinner we had to go for fast food (this would normally hack me off but as I wound up finding something I had to get done before I left work at six PM, it kind of saved my bacon that I wasn't rushing out the door). We had a great time, she was wonderful company, and once I got home (and had a nice visit with exedore) I wound up sleeping for ten hours. Awesome.

Saturday, I had tickets for a dance thing at Sadler's Wells in the afternoon that I always knew I was going to wind up seeing by myself, but as I was just kind of going as a pitstop between other places, I wasn't bothered. I'd been invited to a party that I had been feeling unsure about attending (while I don't suffer from social anxiety per se, being around people who have gone to a lot of trouble to let the world know they dislike me does make me uncomfortable), but oddly the person I was most concerned about seeing that evening had decided that he wasn't feeling like being around piles of people. Well, fine, I can swing that, too: so Richard and I spent the evening at my house eating lamb and gnocchi, playing Cthulu Fluxx, and watching the Lavender Hill Mob. Good times, really.

Sunday my plan was to watch Star Wars chez lolliepoppster, but she was unexpectedly ill (I am now kind of wondering if I am, too) and asked to reschedule; Richard and I were sad but, well, there was time for more Fluxx and for pasta in creamy pumpkin sauce and more Richard and that was good. And I remembered I'd been invited over to Andrew R's for "silly games" and so I decided to drop in there with my copy of Encore, "the singing game." As I thought, Andrew's friends were GREAT at songs, and the whole thing got really involved and very cheery and was just MOST AWESOME. I left around 8 and came home and made some mac n cheese and am now getting geared up to do a little writing and then record a theater podcast with some other friends.

So, in short, this was a great weekend. I'm not really sure what the exact recipe was, but it all came together really well.
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