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Web Cowgirl 衛 思 維

You know what hacks me off

I hate people being sentimental about shit when they've got solid opportunities in the here and now to make the shit they're sentimental about real and better.

My dad does this all the time. He talks about how he is so sorry he didn't get to spend more time with his little girl and how busy he was back then. Well, I am not dead. I am still here and I'm still his one and only little girl. And he's not busy. But what he is is full of nostalgia for a time he didn't lift a finger to make different back in the past and won't lift a finger to make different in the future.

I used to believe him. But I've learned.

Oddly, I seem to hear this from other people. I wish I'd done more of this or I miss that. But in so many cases in their here and now they could do thing to be fixing the sadness and making a future that gives them less regrets, but that involves making changes and taking deliberate actions and doing things differently. But they just won't fucking do it because making an effort is too difficult. Change is hard so why try when you can whine instead, and let yourself keep making the same fucking regrettable mistakes your entire life?

Me, when I look at my life, the number of regrets I have are pretty much zero, because at every point I have tried to look at what I knew and make the best decision possible, and to CHOOSE something that I thought would make things better. I am not about nostalgia and regret. I am about making a better tomorrow. When I do things wrong, I apologize. If I hurt people, it's rarely my intent, and if it wasn't, I apologize. (When it is, I don't. I own up to it.)

Life. It's a choice, every single day. Don't be a victim: get out their and live. And if you won't take the responsibility for your choices, then for God's sake shut up and stop whining about "the hand you were dealt" when every single day you could have tossed the cards out the window and taking up juggling instead.
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