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Project get happy update

WELL! All things considered, I think I am on the right path.

1. October: no mental breakdown. It could still happen but as it was two years in a row that I did sink into a suicidal depression in October you can see where I was getting very worried it would happen again. But TA DAH! Nothing.
2. General mental state: good. No feeling of glowing joy inside, but, you know, good is fine.
3. Exercise: not doing enough of it but much more dancing than before (swing and ceili) plus the swimming lessons and I think all of this helps.
4. Drugs: not taking drugs for depression as I am trying to fix my life. Also not drinking all that much, not that I ever have.
5. Drama: zero drama for all of October, really. I am on the right track here. I expect I will have unavoidable drama in December or so but I'm doing my best to avoid dramatastic situations/events and social circles.
6. Friends: lots of them, piles of offers to do things, generally very positive here, great weekend with eglantinedreams and hopes of future shared housing situation.
7. Love life: well, I have one, that's an improvement over the last 2 Octobers.
8. Life goals: have done a good job on focusing on the ones I can control and feel confident my citizenship test will be passed by the end of the month. Mortgage and divorce tied together and taking their sweet time.
9. Job: big post coming up on this soon.
10. Health: only very short colds and feeling generally hopeful that I can get through this winter without getting ill for months on end like I did last time. Especially sensitive to wheezing.
11. Writing: getting more and more requests to write elsewhere. I like this.

It all looks good, right? I don't know what else I can do to make my life better. Oh, wait, more sleep, I think I can fix that one RIGHT NOW.

Not really thinking about the election tomorrow. Keep forgetting about it. Had two training sessions, business lunch, sales meeting, and Italian today so BUSY BUSY BUSY over here in England. See you on the flip side!
Tags: happiness, politics, work

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