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Reviews - War Horse and Robert Wilson's "Portraits"

I actually saw no shows at all last week (well, until Saturday night) as I was studying for my Saturday AM Life in the UK test (that didn't happen). So I haven't had much to write about theatrically lately. However, I did spend bits and pieces of all of last week working on a review of an art exhibit I saw in the Palazzo Madama in Turin, Robert Wilson's "Portraits," which earned my love in part because it had a portrait of Alan Cumming in there.

Otherwise for the last two weeks it seems like the only play I've seen was War Horse, which I loved to bits. It was a play for kids and I enjoyed it like a child. The prices were most definitely for adults, though. Still, go if you can!

Tonight I'm off to see a new Lucy Prebble play at the National Theater, so I'll be back on the reviewing wagon soon and getting lots of hits to my blog again as it's still in previews. Whew! What would my sponsors say if I kept getting just 200 visitors a day?
Tags: art, reviews
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