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And when under stress, my body does what?

Last weekend (and a few days ago), my body was suffering a mild allergic reaction to God knows what. Maybe it was that new face cream I picked up in Italy, maybe it was the detergent I'd used to wash my sheets. I changed the sheets, took some antihistamines, laid off of the face cream, it seemed to go down.

This weekend it flared up enormously. This morning I woke up with the skin around my eyes swollen up enough to block my vision, and the tiny pink hives had turned into big red welts.

This is what it looks like:


I went to the doctor (got an appointment on the day just for two hours after I called) and have been prescribed steroids, antihistamines, and a blood test. However, I note the doctor said my body may just be overreacting to a mild allergy with a severe stressor on top to kick the immune system into not very helpful overdrive. So now, while I don't know what the original problem was, I think I know what's caused my body to balloon and break out in big welts - it was my big freakout/panic attack/PSTD episode from Wednesday. Thanks, immune system! Thanks, life! Thanks, vivid memory! Now I'll just kick back and wait for the people to tell me I'm "doing this to myself." I love it when bad things happen and it becomes MY fault for getting upset about it. I may even get to hear someone say that I was asking for it in the first place!
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