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Seasonal change

It's the time of year when I have to shit or get off the pot, and this year I've made the decision to stay put in my flat (despite the current lack of washer). I started planting my flowers this weekend and just got nowhere near done enough. Honestly, it's been two months since the last trim and weed, and a lot of the gardening time was just cleaning up. Down goes the buddleia; away, oh piles of weeds, into bags. And only then could planting start. I've gone for nearly all showpiece heritage tulips this year, from specialty bulb shops. The one exception is Sylvestris, the European wild tulip, which I'm hoping will find my back yard comfy and worth taking over.

I also have a bumper crop of English florists tulips from the Wakefield and North of England tulip society; I told them I wanted enough to be able to show this year, and they've sent me over 20 specimens. I might be able to make the "three breeder, one of each" class, though the "three broken" sounds hard. The flowers are provided free from other members, and I can't help but think their generosity is in part based on their desire to see someoe else carrying forward the tradition. I'm a bit shamed, in part because I will be surprised if I'm able to care for any of these bulbs well enough to even carry them forward to next year much less have enough extra to give away! But I think to some extent if I can manage even one flower in next May's show, they will not be disappointed: I am certainly going to try. Novice classes, here I come!

In other news: still allergic to something, to my misery.

Tags: flowers, health
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