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The allergies, I am so over it; review of A Winter's Tale the musical

So the hives carry on, stronger again today, with welts where my sock bands were and a few spots on my face. I've taken some antihistamines but clearly I need to go to the doctor. I don't really know how to do allergy management; I just wish I knew what the fuck was setting me off and I have no idea how to find out as nothing about my life has particularly changed. Except for, you know, the fact that I am itchy and covered in welts and worried about my throat swelling up and can't think straight.

I had a hellish meeting yesterday - normally 2 hours but magically expanded to 3 1/2 and after an hour in the antihistamine wore off, the room started to feel really warm and my skin was crawling. Man. It also meant I got a late start going to the Almeida to see Dark Earth, Light Sky but I did managed to get back to my desk in time to finish my review of A Winter's Tale which I must call "the musical" for so it is. Hurray for original musicals; boo for them taking all of the Shakespeare out and not replacing it with something anywhere near as good. But I was pleased I actually got reviewers comps for this: that makes twice this month. Just need to get on a few more lists and I'll be set!
Tags: allergies, health, reviews
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