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Illness; reviews of Taboo, Once Upon a Mattress, The Magistrate, Dick Whittington, Twelfth Night

I'm still not well. I'm half way through my week of being signed off work. I went and broke into the extra steroids to bring the swelling down: it seems to have helped.

Yesterday's blood test was a nightmare. Fasting blood tests are not good for me - I was already feeling lightheaded from not eating (like I usually do if I haven't eaten within an hour of getting up) when we got there, and as the blood draw for the many tests continued (8 vials were needed), I started blacking out. Fortunately 1) she managed to finish before everything went dark 2) I didn't wind up on the floor but was able to make it to a room nearby and lie down and shiver while I tried to stabilize and get the ability to speak back. Then I tried eating. It was bad. Fortunately my houseguest went with me. I've never been so desperately in need of a partner in my life. It was terrible. The list of things I'm being tested for is long, very long, and I don't understand most of them.

One of the sad things I noticed about this is that I don't even have the energy to be spiteful or want to get revenge. I'm just so tired. I just want to make it from one day to the next and have this damned shit go away so I'm not scratching myself until I bleed in the night and being so tired I can't think straight. I told dreamsewingmiko I felt like I'd been declawed. "Naw," she said, "you're just hibernating." It was actually nice to hear that.

I have managed to make it out to plays in the evening - it keeps my spirits up and all I have to do once I get there is sit, which is just perfect. (My muscle tone has disintegrated. Did I mention that yet?) And I've got time to write, so I've got lots of reviews up ... for Taboo "the Boy George musical," Once Upon a Mattress at the Union Theater, The Magistrate at the National Theater, Dick Whittington at the Hackney Empire, and Twelfth Night (with Mark Rylance and Stephen Frye). My favorite of the lot was undoubtedly The Magistrate, but surprise pleasure was Taboo, which really nicely captured an era, I think. Actually my real surprise pleasure was having the choreographer of Once Upon a Mattress tell me she was a big fan of MINE ... she'd choreographed Guys and Dolls at the Gatehouse as well as their production of Drowsy Chaperone and used my words in her pull quotes! We fawned over each other for a while, it was kind of embarassing and pleasant at the same time.

I've actually got two more shows to write about (Our Boys and Privates on Parade) which I'll hopefully get to later on today ... but I'm just so tired, I'm going to get a bit of a nap in now. My houseguest is in town and I wish I was with him but just like yesterday I'm too damned tired to managed. Well, actually, post blood test, I was beyond tired, I was actually pretty damned broken. Today I'm just tired. I will take a nap and with luck that will take care of things and I can go to Tooting Broadway and do a little grocery shopping, then come home and study for my LIUK test.
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