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Hanging with the roommate

Last night (after an awful day and extremely at work - histmanes jetting off through the roof and got very dizzy on the way back home) I spent the evening hanging out with my roommate, who'd not gone to Zoomba for some reason. Now, I'd been thinking, "Oh, Pilates! Monday is the beginning mat class!" but in retrospect it's probably good I left work too late to go as I would have been on the floor of the tube waiting for emergency services and making all of the other commuters angry with me.

Anyway, she reheated the leftover bolognese sauce from last week (it had been in the freezer), I provided salad, and once dinner was eaten it was tequila sunrises and Puerto Rico. Amusingly (doubtlessly because I DID help her, i.e. saying "And now you should probably look at buying a big building as you have enough money!") she one, 79 to 66 (I only had one big building ... wait ...) oh NO the actual score was 59 to 66, I WON but I'd had too much to drink to realize I'd written down a 2 instead of a 1! I was wondering how I'd outshipped her and got 8 for my one large building ... wait, I did my math wrong too ... it was actually 59 to 56. So she still won. Man, so lesson one is BE CAREFUL DOING MATH AFTER DRINKING TEQUILA and lesson two is HAVING A COOL ROOMMATE IS REALLY AWESOME. I was impressed she was even willing to learn how to play it and we had a great evening, then afterwards she WASHED ALL OF THE DISHES which was great because I was exhausted.

Also, I'm thinking the helper drugs I got to go with the antihistamines are really helping as my breakouts are ending much quicker - just a little bit of welting on my thighs at the end of the night, not bad at all. And now for a morning of WFH while I wait for my 1PM doctor's appointment.
Tags: allergies, games, roommate
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