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Things I need to do

I'm still struggling a bit with memory (poorly affected by stress and exhaustion) and energy levels (utterly sapped by this immune system problem) and thus I keep forgetting to do things that I need to do. Now, it's okay that I'm not doing everything at once, but I don't like that I forget what I'm supposed to do.

1. Call the mortgage people and ask where things are. (1/27 - emailed but have not called, am now also trying to deal with the landlord having raised the rent.)
2. Write up a review of my trip to Alan Shipp's hyacinth farm two years for Old House Gardens.
3. Start/finish up my citizenship application (I think this just means writing down all of my trips out of the country in the last 5 years, getting the personal recommendation letters, and filling out the actual form at which point I need to go to the application checking place and get it reviewed).
4. Get an actual new cell phone (and contract).
5. Call Virgin again and get the installation date sorted (Saturday!), then cancel with BE.
6. Get tickets sorted for Merrily We Roll Along, Chess, and Kopenpick. (1/27 - done)
7. Buy Flamenco tickets before the gala sells out.
8. Write up a will - want to make sure my assets go to my sister and her kids as I think they're going to need it.
9. Finish reading "Three Sisters," then write an outline of my play "Three Brothers."
10. Fix the broken drawer in the kitchen.
11. Put the shelf holders in the bookshelf and then put all of the extra books away.
12. Write up the details of how to visit the Hortus Bulborum and send it off to the woman from the tulip club.
13. Get a hotel sorted for San Diego trip.
14. Get my money refunded from the citizenship test place for the one they wrongfully refused me entry to (they've said they'd let me take one for free but I've already done it so I want the cash).
Fuck, I really wish I could afford to work less hours, as I just don't even have the energy for work these days much less taking care of any of this extra stuff! I managed to get three letters written dealing with sorting out my personal relationships with different people in the last week (one of them was successful, hurray :-) ), and that seems to have been a huge accomplishment for the last two weeks. We'll see if the other two bear fruit - one has been acknowledged as being received, the other has ... well, it's probably just arrived. Early days, as they say.
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