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Money and Job are not your friend.

Thought I'd check out my Chinese Horoscope today.

"Your are Red Dragon, born in the year of Red Sheep, Summer time. Mom(Wood) and you (Fire) are friend. Money (Metal) and job (Water) are foe. You and your friend fight with your foe. If you and mom win (bigger score), money works for you. If you lose, you work for money. If you win, you will make more money when you find Metal (money) or Water (job) in the fate cycle or on certain years. If you lose, you still can earn money when you find Fire (you) or Wood (Mom) in the fate cycle or in certain years."

Well, the third sentence was pretty right. I tried to figure out if I was compatible with my husband or not, but that's an ATT forbidden site. Which is odd because I can get through to ZenSlut just fine. Go figure.
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