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Fuerzabruta review

Friday was a success insofar as I got to spend a wonderful dinner chatting with some nice people about theater while eating tasty Greek food. However, I spent the earlier part of the evening parting with 40 pounds for a show I considered utterly vapid: Fuerzabruta. I guess people like loud theater involving seminaked chicks and water tanks, but I've seen better and paid less. Oh well, on Saturday Merrily We Roll Along utterly made me a believer in musical theater again and for less than I'd paid for the former. Both are sold out but only one is worth hitting the refresh button a few times a day to see if returns come up - hurray for snow days discouraging people from traveling into London for shows!

Otherwise I tried really hard to take it easy this weekend and planned activities that only involved tube journeys and then sitting - none of the activities my roommie invited me to do with her mom were really possible because I didn't think I could manage more than an hour of walking on top of my walking back and forth from the tube. But I did make it out of the house, including to a games afternoon today, so I did better than just sitting at home. With luck, my stress levels will start to drop, my immune system will re-regulate, and by the end of February this whole period of time will have become just a painful memory.
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