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Stuff and stuff and allergies

Yesterday I made it through the day pretty well but got very woozy and wobbly on the train to Wimbledon. Not sure why train riding is such hard work but I was heading toward badville, yet better than a few weeks ago (was it only two?) in that I didn't feel tempted to sit on the floor. The goal was Rocky Horror Show at the New Wimbledon Theatre, which was fun (and deserves an entry on its influence in my life). I must say I did rather enjoy seeing all of the young folks dressed up in their Rocky finery - a male Columbia was particularly fetching. It was thankfully short but still a long way back to Tooting. By the end of the night my face had gone blotchy, so the hives are still having their way with me and I am nowhere near being ready to start weaning myself off my meds yet.

I saw this article on Highly Sensistive Persons and am noting it here because I want to share it with someone, but, well, they cut me off so I don't want to be all stalkery and send an unwanted email, but maybe in a year or two it will be okay. I thought I would be an HSP but I'm just plain old thin skinned, which isn't a "thing," it's just something to live through.
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