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Review: The Rocky Horror Show; The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie; Roxie Hart

Last night my roommate and I met up in Wimbledon to see the Rocky Horror Show, which was a great flashback as well as a darned fun night out for 10 pounds. I really should have written up the review for the show I saw Saturday, but since this one is only in town for a few days, I thought it was better to give it a little publicity while people still had a chance of seeing it. There's a show at 5:30 on Friday that I think has some very cheap tickets available; check it out if gender bending mad scientists in corsets rock your boat.

Tonight I went and saw Roxie Hart at the BFI with Jason, and my, what a difference a real star makes! I've seen several versions of Chicago (including a silent, I believe), but in none of them was Roxie performed by such an incredible talent as Ginger Rogers. Her tap dance scenes in the courthouse were amazing!

On the way back south, I finished The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie and passed it on to Jason with the promise that it was a cross between Aunt Dan and Lemon and Picnic at Hanging Rock. With that kind of recommendation, I'm sure he'll read it; I certainly enjoyed it, and despite its little size, it's given me enough to chew on for ages.
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