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I'll change your game

So at work today we got into one of those discussions I hear all of the time, where we start a project and don't have requirements because the requirements for 80% of the project is "it works like it does now," which is really not adequate because we have no documentation on how it works now and my team is convinced that a lot of how it works now isn't actually right, but we can't prove it because it's not documented.

So one of the project managers starts saying, "Yeah, but it's the chicken or the egg thing, what came first ..."

and I interrupted him and said, "Yeah, but we can leave that all behind and start talking about how we want it to be."

And the other project manager said, "So how do we want it to be?"

And I said, "We take the test cases we've been writing, cross check them for thoroughness, decide if how it's functioning now based on these test cases actually describes how we want things to work, fill in the areas we don't have, and note down what's not working right so we can decide whether or not it's something we want to change for this project. And my team will be happy because they'll actually have had someone make a decision about how we want things to work instead of just guessing about what's right or wrong."

"Well, who's going to do that?" said the suspicious PM.

"One guy from the test team, one guy from dev, and one business owner who can define what's right and wrong. And a one day workshop led by one of you two guys to go through everything and figure out if we have some things that need to actually be fixed before this project goes forward and then get it in the pipeline."

And then suddenly it was getting scheduled and people were signing up for it and we'd moved beyond OH WOE IS WE into "look we can fix this." And I thought, well, that's my work done for today, and I grabbed a piece of millionaire's shortbread and went off to my next meeting.
Tags: qa geekery, software humor, vendetta
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