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I forgot to mention

For those of you not on Twitter or FB, lots of fun this week as my landlords have tried to raise the rent by 20% (200 pounds).

I've bargained them down to 100 but they still think that another 150 would be at market rate (it's legal for them to raise it to market rate at any time after my lease has run out). So I'm contesting it - there's a process to do this (they have to send me an official notice of rent raising and I contest it and a mediator does a market evaluation) - though I haven't yet received the letter. At any rate, it's going up 100 for March. And, as an extra treat, my pay is going down 100 a month in April, due to back taxes owed because the Post Office was not paying HMRC correctly.

Yay. I'm really so up for dealing with this stuff. Current position: if they raise it 150, I will move out at the end of May - unless my tenant decides she wants to kick in so she can stay here with me until it's time for her to move. Given her meager salary as a librarian, I don't think she can afford to pay any more at all. I'm sorry about losing this place, but given that I've been paying all of the utilities, council tax etc on my own, it's probably time for me to downsize - I just want to wait until the end of May so I can get my tulips into the tulip show this year - probably the last time I will get to enter for a long while if I wind up moving into another rental flat.
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