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Is this progress?

I made dinner at home for myself tonight. This seems like good progress to me; I've pretty much been buying dinner from Chatkhara every single night. But when I got home from today's outing, I didn't feel totally wiped out (relationship to feelings of emotional stability = 100%), so I picked up some tomatoes at the corner Polish/Turkish grocery store ... wait, no, I bought them at the Bangladeshi quickie mart where they were cheaper ... pulled out the unused zucchini from Thursday, two frozen "Sicilian inspired" sausages, and some garlic and onions, and made a sauce that I eventually poured on some really crazy pasta I picked up from Genoa ages ago ... called croxetti, they're flat round medallions with designs stamped in them (one looks like a town seal and the other looks like a bundle of wheat). I don't know what I do when I cook, really, but I made food that tasted good to me, so that was reassuring and I've got enough for tomorrow as well.

Today was spent (after pancakes were made for me) at the Wellcome Collection with my friend Sophie, who very patiently listened to me describing the pickle I'd gotten myself into this month and then visited around the Death exhibit. It was all the collection of one man, mostly, and, well, I thought it wasn't nearly as good as most of the other shows they had, as a lot of them had involved original research or art created just for them. But it was nice to hang around someone who was sensible (despite being willing to take up tap dancing with me still, when I'm well) and encouraging and focused on problem solving and a bit of cheerleading.

Anyway, I maybe should be reading the Felix Castor book I'm in the middle of, but I found Persuasion on the floor when I was looking for items to hand wash earlier tonight, so I'll enjoy the comforts of Jane Austen and a giant glass of rioja tonight, and with a tiny bit of leftover energy I might finally finish the review of the show I saw a week ago that I still haven't written up.


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Jan. 27th, 2013 09:37 pm (UTC)
except for buyng a sandwitch for lunch I cook morning and evening for myself. go to restaurant maybe 1 time amonth.
Jan. 28th, 2013 08:19 am (UTC)
That is all good but if you can't actually stand up once you get home it's hard to cook. I could probably manage better if I had a microwave or a decent freezer.
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