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Having a really good day and night!

I just made myself dinner and inadvertently served up for my roommate and her mom, as they came home just as it was about done - creamy pasta with pumpkin sauce, really very good and not too much cream in it so it was almost healthy.

I am amazed I feel so full of energy tonight. It's like I'm almost back to normal! I realize that this makes ONE day in a row I've felt normal but that's perfectly okay. However, I'm thrilled that even as I was walking home from the tube, after going to Hammersmith after work for a quick diversion to buy some heavily discounted boots (so having pushed myself already), I was feeling like, "Hey, what's next?" I could even feel that funny warmness I get at the base of my spine when I'm feeling really happy, just some kind of positive energy locus a bit below the kidneys. Maybe it's my tail trying to wag. :-)

I have to remember that I've had no stress for about 48 hours so this is very much tied into the stress flatlining. Let's see if I can manage to keep it down for the rest of the week and maybe all of the month and then bang, I'll be ready for that tap dancing class after all.

I also spent some time playing with Webcowgirl's Dragons which is this silly thing I've got going of an online geekery nature. I wonder how long this little fascination will last?

Also now that I've cheered up today (I woke up feeling really down), I'm not feeling nearly as miserable about things and much more forward looking. So do I work on a play tonight or do my citizenship application? I love that I feel like I've got OPTIONS. Actually, I'll probably read then write up Phantom of the Opera. Keep your eyes peeled!

Adopt one today!
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