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Reviews: Turn of the Screw and Captain of Kopenpick

Two shows: one based on a novella, the other a warning of the rise of Nazism done as a Kafka-esque comedy. Guess which one was better? That's right, I'm all about plot over politics, and Turn of the Screw floated my boat in ways the Captain of Kopenpick could only hope to. Yeah, I do like plays to be political some times, and there's something to be said for historical plays, but damn it's hard to beat an awesome plot and sitting on the edge of your seat wondering what's going to come next. Now, you'd think that might be hard given that Henry James wrote Turn of the Screw, oh, 120 years ago, but I hadn't read it, or seen the opera, so it was all new for me. And it was pretty awesome if what you were looking for was a damned exciting night out. Kopenpick just dragged. With restricted view tickets available for Screw at £8 and Kopenpick hard to find at anything under £20 (more like £30 now that previews are over), it's clear what I would recommend you spend your hard earned theater buck on.
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